The Sovereign Dagger

by Maledicere

  • The Sovereign Dagger
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This Demo contains first draft demonstrations of songs to be included on or fourth coming album on Pesanta Urfolk and soon to be Released "the Trenches of Hadal/Stench of This Rot 10" on Hand Made Birds" Both songs on the 10" Have been Completely Reworked from their Demo Composition.


released June 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Maledicere Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maledicere was formed in the summer 2006. Maledicere was created to unleash aggressive yet atmospheric Black Metal, expressing misanthropic views and darker expression of a spiritual path. Releaseing two tape demos and a 7" split with french canadian Uno Actu as a dou. ... more

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Track Name: Singular Beam of the Sovereign
Born of unspeakable depths unfolding wings of malice
Unfettered will to Burn
Slit the Throat of the weak Born
The hearts rupture ascends as soul roots beneath
Rending flesh with venomous dissolve
Licentious spirit of the blade
The blistering horizon reveals the Vast Maw
Singular Beam of the Sovereign the white eye of the storm
Our spirit bursts forth lashing as black birds rise
Suffocating lights bloom
We are drenched in the blood of the Son
We are drenched in the blood of the Sun
Brazen howl of the fallen engorged spirit of will
A fierce furnace of focus
We are drenched in the blood of the Sun
An oath from heart the will to burn
Upon wolf winds howl
Slit the throats of the weak born
Crush the eyes of the weak born
Cut the tongues of the righteous
Drink deep the Blood of our Sun
Drink deep the Blood my Sons
The Bursting horizon reveals the vast maw
Singular beam of the sovereign the white helm of the storm
We are crowned by the Blood of our Sun
Track Name: Trenches of Hadal
Cursed to the trenches
Robbed of twilight beneath midnights veil
Mounting speechless terror
Fated to passions of the abyss
Below storming tides never to feel the warm kiss of the sun
The redeemer’s light fades
Forcing venerations in mindless spasms
First filled with fluids lungs crushed in unheard prayer
Broken nails carve the walls
Stretched bones splinter in the undertow
Swallowed by tar black water
Below storming tides abandoned
Broken to venerate the wine dark Sea
Farthest from the suns warm kiss
The Redeemers light fades
Given to Storming tides
Promised to Depth of Hadal
T r a i t o r s!
Delivered to the Depth of Hadal
Given to the Depths of Hadal
Fated to Passions of the Abyss
Cursed to the Trenches of Hadal
Track Name: Slaughter the Divide
Foreclosing distance a hairs breadth to fold
Engulfed vertigo at soul
The black mirror cuts the divide
The dissolving veil blinds gelded eyes
Writhing wings eclipse the sky
Hammers fall upon the nail
Roosters crow dawns shattered veil
Cast by the hand borne of death driven will
Pulsating mound of tar drenched earth
Festering scent insidious birth
Coruscating pool of flesh made earth
A violent crack and we’re awakened
Set alight crippled fields
Penetrating plunge of blonde mane talons
Lust built throne of diamond will
Tear the skin of layered dreams
Rape the quiet rust shut night
Ravished Queen disrobed of garlands that feigned the light
Soiled debauched cracked open twitching flesh inmost light
Slaughter the bounds of dignity
Stripped of garlands that feigned the light
Entrenched and entwined/ Strangled and thrusting
Transgress the divide/ Torn open veil
Plunge the sovereign dagger/ the vessel overflows
Illuminate the flesh/ Living body divined
The majesty of sea and sky betrays the divide
Tumbling descent of the sun into the womb of the night
The becoming of one enshrined by scalding black light
A frenzy of flesh beneath the tomb of white light
Our majesty ensnares the divide