Leave Only What is Fit to Burn

by Maledicere

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First studio album from maledicere reinventing demo tracks written in 2006-2008 with a full band.


released June 21, 2011


all rights reserved



Maledicere Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maledicere was formed in the summer 2006. Maledicere was created to unleash aggressive yet atmospheric Black Metal, expressing misanthropic views and darker expression of a spiritual path. Releaseing two tape demos and a 7" split with french canadian Uno Actu as a dou. ... more

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Track Name: There are Wolves
I stand above them
Those like sheep huddle in mass
Around altars built of Feces and blood
Amongst the briers amongst the Thorns
Praising a long dead God
In attempts to achieve lifeless grace
Shackled without the will
To remove the chains
Nervously memorizing a false history
Hearts drained of honor and dignity
There are wolves amongst you
And they shall feast
Atop the highest mountains I stand
I gaze upon tragedies below
And laugh with a lofty heart
They deny the animal within
But are unable to become
More than human
Clamoring for their holy deserts
Their god is truly great
And his garden has become
No more than weeds
There are Wolves amongst you
And they shall feast
Track Name: Blood of the Lamb Upon Our Hands
Gathered ‘round infernal fires
(in scornful ceremony)
Blood of the lamb upon our hands
Hatred and prosperity
Manifested by our will and misanthropy
Hail these north winds which blacken the soul
And fan the flames of my heart
And my heart speaks thus to thee
Oh Christian
I too drink the blood
Of Christ
And bathe in the menses
Of his mother whore
Its not redemption I seek
His pain is that which I adore
Hatred cast upon your breed
Seething and spitting I curse your
Proclamations of grace
Boldly we stand in opposition
In Black Prosperity and Hate
Your blindness leads you to your
Righteous slaughter
Curses upon your name
Track Name: Harvest
The hunt for self; beyond
The bounty of life under time
By my eye and decisive mind
A new ethos realized
Strike of the hammer
Beneath open skies
Fire and Iron drawn over time
A blood promise turned deceit and betrayal
Those who lie to self have lied and lied
Brisk breeze from the west and setting sun
Sown black seeds and virtue
My will and my virtue
Descend the will as winds on plains
A blood promise broken
The bounty of life under time
The hunt for self; beyond
Blade against stone
Stone against blade
Reap the fields
Wheat from chaff
The bounty of self
By decisive mind
By decisive mind
Harvest Realized
Scythe of the sun
Track Name: Hail the Black Faith
Winters and storms of the heart
Churn my spirit
I am in awe of your totality
Your key resonates in a
Cold and hollow vibration
Discord with the many
Harmonious with the few
For those who go beyond reason
To punish the herd
Into the trees cloaked in shadows
I wander again and again
To reflect upon sight earned and hatred gained
The breath of the beast never exhaled
Vengeance and malice my iron will
Returned to spread the manifest of a blackened faith
With the power of storms behind me

Hail the Black Hearts
Hail the Black Faith
Hail the Iron Will
Glory to the Beast
Track Name: What is Fit to Burn
Let us make a toast to the destruction of empty things
And sacrifice self for self
Building fires in heart
Leave only what is fit to burn
Hearing whispers through naked trees
Whispers of winters wind
Whispers of coming things
Reaped fields under the blood moon
Staring long into the night
Let us make a toast to the slaughter this season brings
Blood glistened fields and bounty feast
And once again to
Hail the Black Faith
A pact renewed round flames and earthly altar
Let us move into the night
With the song of the Beast upon our lips
And plunge deep the knife with intention
To fill those pale hearts with despair
Again make a toast to the destruction of empty things
And sacrifice for self
Built fires so is left
Only what is fit to burn
Hearing whispers through naked trees
Omen under the blood moon
Speaking of coming things
Upon the howls of winter’s wind
Track Name: Transcendence and Death's Bloom
Blood soaked birth of the morning
A blanket of embers through leaves and twisted branches
Heavy air thick with decay
Sweet and acrid Life’s victory
The Sun Rise!
And bathed in the fire of midsummer tide
The air thick with decay
And feasts life upon life and renewed life again

Gather the fruit from burdened branches
As radiant shadows upon the flesh of the hand

The bow creaks above the sound
Submerge beneath the surface
In Silence below reflection
Drink deep the depths of Phthalo bodies
Away in all directions
Ill Seated palace crumbling walls

Silk lines the thistle basket
Pregnant from burdened branches
Silk lines the thistle basket
Woven By callous hands
Dance flames upon the fertile ground
Humid air drenched in decay
Translucent wings hail Life’s victory

A bell and four directions
The dust of crumbled walls
Written and aloud are spoken
The verses of the heart

Drawing towards the center
Bathed in fields of fire
Breathe deep the soaring flames
Embers pulsing blood
Drawn towards the Center
The blood on verse recounted
Moving through fields of embers
Embedded in hands and heart
Away in all directions
The dust of crumbled walls

Bloody birth of new dawn
Cast embers and twisted branches
Heavy air thick with decay
Disperse the fruit from burdened baskets
As radiance and shadows dance within the flesh

Coming from center
Reach through the sky
Rooted in earth
Rise in the sun
Extended through the sky
Push through the earth
Transcend in death’s bloom

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